90 Days to Save Your World

A turnaround pulls failing companies back from the brink of disaster and – like most life-saving procedures – it’s a swift, brutal and often bloody business.

A turnaround is a one-chance-only experience. It’s do or die. And if you understand that in time, and act accordingly by following a robust, comprehensive, all-inclusive yet simple, data-driven approach to survival, your company stands a good chance of staying the course to enjoy future development and prosperity.

At the very start of a turnaround, the CEO in charge needs to have a clear overview of the company’s cash position, global footprint, FTE structure, departments, products and product market propositions, customers, employees, competitors and control systems as well as the IT landscape. And in a turnaround situation, this information needs to come at lightning speed. Only then can any decisions be made that give the company a fighting chance.

A turnaround isn’t rocket science; it’s a brutally honest evaluation of a business so that the right analysis can be made for data-driven decisions and successful implementation.

That’s the work we are in. We support businesses by delivering a 90-day turnaround. It’s our job to save your world.

Approach to Turnarounds

Wildwood Ventures


Wildwood Ventures


Wildwood Ventures



  • 90-day cash flow stress test
  • CRO and Skeleton team
  • Programme design and Governance


  • Financial review
  • Root cause analysis
  • Organisational & Systems review


  • Reframe strategy
  • New organisation design
  • Management system


  • Implementation planning
  • Train and Track
  • Ownership

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Chief Restructuring Officer

A Chief Restructuring Officer provides stability and leadership to companies in trouble, creating value and a return to normality for distressed and underperforming businesses.

When a business descends into financial or operational turmoil and the CEO needs to focus on day-to-day operations, the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) can be a valuable asset, helping to stabilise the situation and coordinate restructuring efforts without adversely impacting daily operations.

Battersea-park knows the intensity of focus and dedication needed to rescue foundering businesses, and we use a tried-and-tested structured approach to turnaround situations.

As a CRO, Battersea-park focuses on nine specialised areas of activity designed to support a distressed business in its return to normality.

Leadership Coaching

Bearing the full weight of responsibility for a company’s success or failure is a tough job. Dealing with external challenges beyond one’s control while armed with the highest level of authority in which there can only be unhappy consequences, is a lot to deal with. We know because we’ve been there.