A Chief Restructuring Officer provides stability and leadership to companies in trouble, creating value and a return to normality for distressed and underperforming businesses.

When a business descends into financial or operational turmoil and the CEO needs to focus on day-to-day operations, the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) can be a valuable asset, helping to stabilise the situation and coordinate restructuring efforts without adversely impacting daily operations.

Battersea-park knows the intensity of focus and dedication needed to rescue foundering businesses, and we use a tried-and-tested structured approach to turnaround situations.

As a CRO, Battersea-park focuses on nine specialised areas of activity designed to deliver a full turnaround plan to support a distressed business in its return to normality.



Produce a 90-day cash flow stress test


Implement programme design & governance


Mobilise internal restructuring team and programme office


In-depth data-driven financial, operational and organisiation review


Produce a quick-win plan (bottom line impact within 30 days)


Reframe strategy


Develop Target Operating Model & Management System


Create viable business case


Implement restructuring plan and delivery of business case

A CRO works as an experienced partner for business leaders and stakeholders during critical or crisis situations. Whether a balance sheet repair is needed, an operational turnaround or the implementation of rigour and pace into a transformation programme, Battersea-park provides independent, senior professionals with relevant experience, credibility, and the expertise to serve on boards. Contact Us.