Battersea-park is an Amsterdam-based seasoned C-level executive boutique advisory firm with specific experience in transforming distressed businesses into viable prospects.

We have developed a four-step approach to business turnarounds that has been tested and supported by CEOs and industry players.

Bringing our formidable experience to the table, we can assess the significance of the challenges ahead, stop the bleed, implement quick changes to see a return to break-even cash flow, reorganise the business, maintain the profitable proposition, and retain the skilled staff needed to get back onto a path where the business can thrive and grow again.

Our approach is executed in 90 days, and businesses get back on their feet.

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Why We Do What We Do


We see that many businesses with profitable value propositions face difficult and sometimes highly distressed moments in their lifetimes. The reasons can be endless, but are quite often driven by factors ranging from macro-economic challenges and red tape to aggressive competitors or too many wrong decisions leading to product mix issues, pricing strategy mistakes or staffing errors. We see the mistakes and we know how to fix them.


Battersea-park has adapted a proven, four-step model for business turnarounds that has been tested and supported, time and again, by CEOs and industry players. In a very short time frame of 90 days, we work with executives and staff within a business, only occasionally deploying external advisors, while we focus on driving change through all platforms, as well as people, to bring struggling businesses back to core profitable value propositions that can be sustained and built upon.


We make it our mission to support the leadership and board of failing businesses so they might escape a distressed situation and return to a viable prospect with potential for growth. We remove whatever is making a business bleed and retain only that which has a clear, profitable proposition for the future.

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