We work predominantly with privately-owned businesses in the $100m to $1bn turnover range. Many of our clients are established private equity businesses with wide portfolios touching on a wide variety of industries.

Companies We Worked For

Client Testimonials

All testimonials are actual quotes from clients. After signing an NDA, we can share full client, partner and testimonial details.

Global Private Equity Fund:

“Even though the circumstances were less than ideal, Battersea-park displayed unwavering integrity and demonstrated expertise in leading the team in an inevitable uphill battle. Battersea-park was able to navigate the complexities of the situation with remarkable skill, ensuring that all stakeholders remained committed until the very end. It takes true leadership to maintain unity and motivation in the face of defeat. Battersea’s ability to retain the trust and support of everyone involved speaks volumes about the capabilities and character of their partners.”

Investment Bank:

“The assigned delivery partner of Battersea-park was highly dedicated, hardworking  and his amicable personality and approachable nature made him a valued team member who easily build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders alike. He consistently went above and beyond what was expected. The delivery partner truly contributed in his role as a coordinator between shareholders and the executive team. His ability to navigate the intricacies of these relationships, while keeping everyone’s best interests in mind, has been crucial for the project. He also possesses the ability to create a sense of urgency in challenging situations. His capability to assess the gravity of the matter at hand and inspire action set him apart.”

London based Private equity fund:

“Battersea-park possesses the ability to simplify complex problems with sharp analytical insight and crystal-clear communication. Battersea-park has consistently proven unwavering commitment to going beyond merely describing issues as a management consultant but takes a hands-on and decisive approach to drive actionable change, fearlessly challenging conventional thinking. The company wastes no time in getting things in motion and has shown the exceptional ability to navigate through delicate situations. Directness and honesty as a culture garners support from the management team and shareholders when it mattered most.”

Dutch Investment bank:

“Battersea-park offers hard-working professionals, who consistently demonstrated their ability to swiftly identify core issues and effectively address them. Battersea partners have the ability to instill a sense of urgency, when necessary, which had a profound influence on the team’s productivity and efficiency. Their pleasant personality and approachable nature have also been instrumental in building trust with the executive team and shareholders alike. Battersea’s partner willingness to take decisions, even in challenging circumstances, and assume legal responsibility is truly commendable.”